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Badgers Class

Class team:

Lyn Scholes, Jackie Bladon (Class teacher) and Sam Moore

Class story:


Class Overview:

In Badger Class, we are based in the Burrow taught by Jackie Bladon (Class Teacher), Linda Scholes and Sam Moore (Teaching Assistants). We are a total communication classroom and use different ways for the children to use their ‘voice’ and to communicate their wants and needs throughout the day. This includes the use of symbols in and around the classroom provision, for snack time and for the daily timetable/routine, as well as using Makaton, communication books and gestures.

Following primarily the Developing pathway of the curriculum, the children will be learning through provisional and structural based activities set out daily, this includes having open access to our own outdoor classroom area where the lessons are mirrored with the activities inside the classroom. We will engage in daily sensory based learning experiences including write dance, squiggle (including mark making in foam/rice etc...) dough disco. We will be exploring sensory stories based on the topic, using objects of reference and items related to the five senses to help bring the story to life. We will also have regular access to the Sensory room, Dark Room, Soft play and Top Garden to develop social, emotional, sensory and physical needs.

We follow a structures daily routine and timetable for teaching and learning with transitions supported by music cues, symbols/pictures specific to individual needs as well as a Now and Next board. We also routinely access interventions including TAC PAC, Intensive Interaction and Attention Autism which supports sensory communication. We enjoy learning in Badger Class!


Learning together:

Learning together spring 2 Badgers

Outdoor learning:

We will have PE on a Monday afternoon. This half term we will be developing our rounders skills. Please send a PE kit into school. We will keep this for the half term to ensure children have it each week.

General notices:

We ask for a contribution of £6 per half term which contributes to regular class cooking sessions and daily snack. We are aiming to enrich the curriculum through a variety of trips and will give you notice of these in advance. We are aiming to enrich the curriculum through a variety of trips and will give you notice of these in advance.