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Outdoor Activity Ideas

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor learning at home!


Here are a few activity ideas you can do at home:

This activity requires searching for colours within your garden or even around the house and match them to the colour palette or coloured symbols! 

Click the Link: Colour Hunt  

This activity can get a little messy but children can get so much from role playing! This activity can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Lets see how creative you can get with the ingredients. 

Click the Link: Mud Recipe 

 This activity requires a few ingredients that you may not have access to. Therefore, we have made a few alternatives so this activity can be more suitable to everyone. 

Click the Link: Bird feeder/helper

This activity requires minimal resources. Access to natural resources, any paper or card and glue or tape and you can create a wonderful piece of art to hang outside!

Click the Link: Letter Decorating


Please feel free to record any outdoor activities you undertake at home in your homework book you have received from class. Alternatively you can email any pictures to In the Subject box mark them for the attention of your child’s class e.g. For the Attention of  .............. Class and we will print them and pop them in the book.